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Our Company

Counsyl is a health technology company that offers DNA screening for men, women and their children. Our philosophy is simple - focus on diseases where advanced knowledge makes a difference in health outcomes, whether it's changing a behavior, pursuing preventative measures, or simply preparing for what lies ahead. Counsyl has screened over 500,000 patients and served over 6,000 health professionals in its modern clinical laboratory. From the purely mechanical to profoundly human, Counsyl strives to make DNA screening truly accessible to everyone. The team consists of world class engineers, scientists and clinical experts as well as a renowned engineering and scientific advisory board. Counsyl integrates sophisticated technology with custom robotic automation in its accredited medical laboratory. This focus on technology has made Counsyl a leader in helping patients and doctors communicate about medical results in real time. Its products have won the Wall Street Journal’s Innovation Award for Medicine, and have been named one of Scientific American's "Top 10 World Changing Ideas."

Skills We're Looking For

Python Project Management engineering Microsoft Excel Django Molecular Biology GitHub Automation Computer Science Google Docs Software Engineering Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) Regulations Manufacturing Science Risk Management Ruby Finance Google Apps Technical Skill Software Jira Cloud Process Improvement Troubleshooting DNA Sequencing Customer Service Data Management Accounting Healthcare Robotics Genomics Unix PostgreSQL Programming Quality Assurance Design

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