Frequently Asked Questions

What is DreamHire?

DreamHire is a platform that matches job seekers to available jobs using a patented matching algorithm. Our algorithm takes into account many factors, including your skills, interests, personality, and more. Our goal is to give you the best jobs that would be most interesting to you.

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Finding a Job and Applying

Is it free to find jobs and apply?

Yes, the DreamHire platform is free for job seekers to find jobs and apply. It is free for employers to view your application on DreamHire.

It is also free for employers to post jobs and view applications. We sell upgraded subscriptions to employers who need to post many jobs and/or need additional features. Top

How does DreamHire match me to jobs?

DreamHire matches you to jobs using our unique, patented compatibility matching algorithm. algorithm takes into account many factors, including your skills, interests, personality, and more. Our goal is to give you the best jobs that would be most interesting to you.

To improve the quality of job recommendations on DreamHire, just use the site! Add as much detail to your profile as possible, then search for jobs and rate the jobs as you see fit. Your job recommendations will improve automatically. Top

How do I apply to a job?

When you’re viewing a job, click on the apply button. Depending on the employer’s settings, this will either open up an apply box with a few questions or a new webpage. Note that you will have to have a completed DreamHire profile in order to apply.

If it’s the apply box, then just answer the questions and click “Submit Application”. You don’t need to do anything else; your resume and information has already been included in the application. If you’re not quite ready to submit yet, you can also save your application as a draft and submit it later.

If it’s a new webpage that opens, then you’ll have to apply through the system that the employer has set up. DreamHire has no control over that system, so you’ll most likely need to re-enter your personal information. Top

Do you share my name and email with employers?

DreamHire is extremely privacy-conscious when it comes to protecting the privacy of our job seekers. We never share your name or contact information with employers without your explicit consent.

When you apply to a job on DreamHire, we share your name but not your contact info with the employer. If the employer likes your application and wishes to reach you, the will click a button called "Request Contact Info". Then, we will notify you by email that this particular employer is interested in you. You'll have the ability to Accept or Deny the contact info request. If you accept it, then your contact info will be passed to the employer. If you deny it, then your contact info will NOT be sent over, and the corresponding application will be withdrawn.

We also have a feature for premium and enterprise accounts to search through profiles and reach out to job seekers who they think are a good fit. This search is only able to search based on qualifications, and not by name. In addition, the results of the search only include your name and profile, but not your contact information. Employers can only request that you apply to a job opening, and they are unable to contact you directly.

Our goal is to make you confident that when you make an account on DreamHire, you are in total control of who you share your contact information with. Top

What should I do if I find a job that should be taken down?

If you find a job on DreamHire that is sketchy, inappropriate, illegal, or even just no longer available, then please report it to us by using the flag button on the job page. Our moderator team regularly reviews flagged jobs to ensure that our community has only real, quality jobs for our job seekers. Top

Why do I keep getting emails about new job opportunities even after I have found a job?

Many employees are still looking for new opportunities, even after they have started working. If this is not you, and you would not like to receive emails with best job matches, then you can turn them off email notifications in your account settings. Top

Posting a Job

How do I post a Job?

Employers can post jobs on the DreamHire platform by creating an employer account and an organization profile, and then posting from the dashboard. Note that DreamHire only allows posts directly from employers, not placement agencies or independent recruiters. Top

How much does it cost?

Posting a job on DreamHire is free, and viewing applications is also free. All new employers are automatically on the Three for Free plan, which allows up to three concurrently live job posts at a time. Upgrading to a paid plan enables more features and higher limits. Top

I have more questions as an employer...

Please see our employer site and the corresponding Employers FAQ Top

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