Medical Device San Diego, California Private Corporation

Our Company

The Argen Corporation was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1963, as a small family business with a focus on refining x-ray films and precious metals for jewelry. In 1983, Bertie and Jackie Woolf, along with their family, moved Argen to the United States where they opened their first office in New York City selling precious metal alloy to dental laboratories. Just two short years later, they moved Argen Headquarters to San Diego, California where they rented their first 8,000 square foot facility. Over the next 10 years, Argen experienced tremendous growth and established a presence in Germany and China where they began to distribute dental alloys. In 1995, Argen became the largest manufacture of precious dental alloys in the United States and moved their San Diego headquarters to a larger, 40,000 square foot facility. In 2001 Argen expanded to include subsidiary offices in Canada, Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom and by 2005, became the largest manufacturer of precious dental alloys in the world supplying their products to over 105 countries.

Skills We're Looking For

Customer Service Microsoft Excel Computer Microsoft Word CRM Communication Clerical Metal Finishing Purchasing SalesForce Technical Support Marketing Microsoft Office PowerPoint Maintenance Manufacturing Business Attention to Detail Zirconia Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) QAD Technical Knowledge Filing Accounting Business Development Outside Sales Quality Control Testing Computer-Aided Design Cross-Selling CAM Strong Analytical Thinking ERP Systems Software Implementing