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ToonBox Entertainment

Animation Toronto, Ontario Private Corporation

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Since 2008, ToonBox Entertainment has been bringing to life original content for film, television and interactive media with concepts derived from captivating character designs and story-lines. With leading edge stereoscopic technology, ToonBox elevates its creations into the next generation of entertainment. Located in downtown Toronto Canada, ToonBox creates original content for film, television, and interactive productions for the global market and its first original TV production Bolts & Blip is also one of the world’s first 3D stereoscopic animated series to be released. ToonBox also works closely with our overseas partner studio Redrover Co., Ltd in Korea to produce the animation, special effects, compositing and 3D stereoscopic renders. This successful working relationship between the studios was made possible by our Korean-Canadian producers at ToonBox. We have a unique production situation that allows us to capitalize on the best of both worlds, bringing together creative inspiration and direction from the Toronto studio with the animation expertise of the Korean studio. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated employees and state-of-the-art technology ToonBox has the ability to produce Hollywood quality content for an independent production budget.

Skills We're Looking For

Maya Animation Computer Graphics Film Production Management Computer Science Python Linux Unix Cinematography Film Production Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Project Management Visual Effects Scripting Verbal and Written Communication NUKE Houdini Realflow Maya Embedded Language (MEL) Shotgun Software Microsoft Office Composition Visualizations Knowledge of Cameras Photography Programming Stereoscopy Adobe Photoshop Artistic Sense Painting 3D Printing 3D ZBrush