Graphic Artist(Surfacing/Texturing Artist)

ToonBox Entertainment

(Toronto, Ontario)
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About ToonBox Entertainment
Since 2008, ToonBox Entertainment has been bringing to life original content for film, television and interactive media with concepts derived from captivating character designs and story-lines. With leading edge stereoscopic technology, ToonBox elevates its creations into the next generation of entertainment.
**Position Description and Responsibilities:** * To help establish and/or create the look and feel of characters, props and environments during visual development, pre-production, and production with direction from the Lead Texture Artist, CG Supervisor, Art Director; * To achieve texture files for production as well as other projects in development per established guidelines and timelines; * To partner with Lead Texture Artist and Surfacing team (CG Supervisor and Technical Team, if required) to help ensure aesthetic goals are met in the most efficient manner; * To revise, edit and modify work as indicated by the Lead Texture Artist and/or Art Director; * To work collaboratively with other departments to support their needs as determined by the Team Lead, Art Director/CG Supervisor; * To ensure that surfacing files, per aesthetic requirements and technical specs, are complete and ready for lighting; * To ensure file management and archiving of art work is maintained throughout the course of production; * To spot, flag, and communicate creative and technical issues as they arise via sharing knowledge with team members; * To assist troubleshooting initiatives on creative and technical issues as they arise; * To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to the Surfacing Department (schedule, complexity of setups, etc.); * To assist with character grooms/fur needs as required; * To provide creative input where appropriate; * To work collaboratively with other departments such as Technology, VFX, Lighting/Composite; * To work in other asset/shot departments such as Modeling, Stereo, Lighting/Compositing, and assist with studio milestones and targets as considered appropriate via skill set and deemed necessary by production; * To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to the Surfacing Department (schedule, complexity of setups, etc.). * To work in adherence to budget and schedule constraints while maintaining the show’s overall look and mood via organizing and self-managing timelines to ensure texture/surface assignments are completed and submitted on time. * Additional duties as requested
Ideal Candidate
**Required Skills and Experience:** * 3-5 years of high-end production experience; feature film experience an asset * Strong painting skills and artistic eye for detail * Detail oriented and the ability to understand the complexity of a 3D pipeline * Familiarity with Renderman compliant rendering engines would be an asset * Familiarity with polygonal model texturing using image maps * Strong uving skills is a must * Familiarity with construction of render man compliant shaders and utilities * Experience with hair systems (yeti) would be an asset * Ability to manipulate complex shaders would be an asset * Strong Photoshop and 3D painting knowledge * Experience with mudbox or zBrush * Some experience with Mel /python scripting would be an asset * Ability to take initiative and solve problems independently as well as within a team environment * Track record as a team player


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