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Since 2008, ToonBox Entertainment has been bringing to life original content for film, television and interactive media with concepts derived from captivating character designs and story-lines. With leading edge stereoscopic technology, ToonBox elevates its creations into the next generation of entertainment.
The Shot Prep/Finaling Artist works on shots that have gone through Animation (and other departments as well), making them ready for Lighting.
**Position Description and Responsibilities:** The Shot Prep/Finaling Artist is responsible for executing the staging, blocking and camera work that makes up the foundation of a successful shot and/or sequence of shots during Pre-Visualisation, Rough Layout, Layout, Final Layout as required. The Shot Prep/Finaling Artist is responsible for translating the storyboards and director’s launch of a sequence/shot into Maya while working as a team to ensure that the cinematography adheres to the filmic language established for the project as well as maintains a consistent style and coherent level of continuity – both visually and technically – throughout the duration of the production. He or she produces work (shots) in a fast paced, CG environment using Maya and a suite of proprietary software for THE NUT JOB II feature film, amongst other productions/titles required by the studio. All Leads and Layouts Artists, pending skill set, may be required to assist other asset/shot departments such as modeling, character finaling, fur finaling, lighting/composite with hands-on shot work. Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following: * To collaborate with the Director/Lead Layout Artist/Director of Photography to explore and develop the visual story of THE NUT JOB II 3D feature film slated for theatrical release, amongst other titles. * To listen to the director’s verbal description/launch of sequences and shots and realise character action /pacing/mood/cinematography in visual form while ensuring that the vision of the Director and Art Director are respected. * To create new and interesting ideas to capture both the activity and the emotion of the scene. * To present the visual direction of layout sequences via contributing to sequence production while collaborating within the layout team. * To enhance the story reel in Rough Layout, which may include the creation of rough layout/proxy models, and delivery of a timed animatic to editorial. * To assist with visual exploration, research, and/or creation of design (character/environments/props or rough models) in Rough Layout as required by the story during visual development/pre-production; * To transition from Pre-Visualisation, Rough Layout, Layout, Final Layout, Set Dressing as required. * To organize and manage timelines to ensure all work is completed and submitted on schedule. * To revise, edit and modify layouts/shots as indicated by the director or creative team. * To implement various computer programs to enhance the visual presentation of ideas for the scene or for effectively capturing the director’s ideas for shots/sequences. * To support colleagues; this may include troubleshooting and/or obtaining appropriate resolution to any technical issues as they arise to keep production moving forward. * To streamline or eliminate unnecessary scenes and filming requirements from the production as well as partner with the Stereoscopic Team. * To maintain awareness of the broader show needs as they relate to aspects of art and design (composition/spatial perception of objects in 3D space) and related revisions which include, but are not limited, to stereoscopy. * To work in adherence to budget and schedule constraints while maintaining continuity within the story, cinematography, aesthetics, mood. * To assist in training and mentoring of Entry Level artists as required. * To familiarise, develop/script, and test production pipeline tools, work-flow and processes in support of studio projects and pipeline growth. * To ensure quality control via verifying that all shots follow studio policies and guidelines prior to moving into next stage of production. * To work and collaborate with Technical Directors, Production Supervisors, CG/VFX Supervisors, and Production Engineering to maintain and further the production pipeline.
Ideal Candidate
**Required Skills and Experience:** * 3 years of computer graphics production experience or combination of traditional layout and computer graphics production experience required * Strong understanding of cinematography a must * Bachelors degree in Animation, Film, Art, relevant field or equivalent experience desired; * A strong working knowledge of the principles of cinematic staging, blocking and camera work; * Expertise in Maya with good working knowledge of Unix/Linux; * Scripting and programming skills a plus * Excellent working knowledge of animation for both cameras and CG characters; * Basic CG modeling skills a must; * Good working knowledge of stereoscopic production methodologies; * Must be able to work in a collaborative environment and take direction easily and be willing to participate; as a member of a team as well as to work independently as required; * Proven experience within Layout Department on animated feature productions with a strong interest in Rough Layout, Layout, Final Layout, and Set Dressing and Stereoscopy.


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