Outdoor Voices
Apparel & Fashion New York, New York Private Corporation

Our Company

Outdoor Voices is an active lifestyle brand. We believe in freeing fitness from performance, and embrace activity with ease, humor, and delight. We feel that Doing Things – moving your body and having fun with friends – outlasts a win when it comes to inspiring sustainably active lives. Our mission is to get people out there and Doing Things together, to redefine recreation as part of everyday life. We’re casual joggers, dog walkers, hikers, dribble-dribblers, and team players who integrate activity into everything we do – from product design to team culture. Our goal is to grow the OV Community by participating in it, to inspire Doing Things together by Doing Things, together.

Skills We're Looking For

Microsoft Excel Project Management Marketing Retail Inventory Sales eCommerce Product Development Business Customer Experience Retail Apparel Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Garment Construction Garment Fit Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) General Business Operations Market Research Process Improvement Computer Science Financial Acumen Financial ROI Analysis Customer Service Product Knowledge Training New Employees Reporting SQL engineering Retention Testing Key Performance Indicator Fashion Sketching Trim