Fundraising Culver City, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Omaze is an innovative platform to raise money and awareness for causes by offering all donors and fans the opportunity to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences with the world’s biggest celebrities. We’re on a mission to reinvent charitable giving by creating a cause marketplace. We will leverage storytelling, social media marketing, celebrity influence, data science, and a self-service platform to help charities to raise more funds and awareness and create greater impact than they ever have before. And we are excited to build the team to realize this vision.

Skills We're Looking For

Strategy Sales Script Writing Digital Media Problem Solver Creative & Talent Verbal and Written Communication Business Development Leadership Marketing Building Relationships Strong Analytical Thinking Thrive in Dynamic, Fast-Paced Environments Scripting Social Media Marketing Comedy Writing Commercials Social Media Advertising Video Production Working in Fast Paced Environment Customer Care Customer Service Analytics Communication Develop Forecasts Implementing Legal Optimizing Strong Oral and Written Communication CRM Organized Candidate Sourcing Hiring Management