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About Coursera
Coursera is scaling a global platform to provide universal access to the world’s best education, and we’re driven by the passion and mission to let people learn without limits.
As a Senior Product Manager, you will build delightful products that shape the future of higher education. You’ll work with Courserians from Engineering, Design, Analytics, and Pedagogy to name a few as well as with instructors and researchers at partner universities. The opportunity is not only to build out a world-class learning experience on Coursera, but to create a thriving community of learners helping each other and contributing to the course material in meaningful ways.
* Think Big: translate underlying trends in higher education into product needs today and for the next 5 years * Great Student and Instructor Intuition: we expect our PMs to develop - through testing, dogfooding and observation - great learner and instructor intuition and for that drive the products and experiences we build * Understand the Business: develop a deep understanding of the value of Coursera to students, instructors, and universities to inform the development and evaluation of potential business models * Ship Product: manage the end-to-end process of conceptualizing products, acting as the glue between technical and non-technical teams * Define Success: develop a framework for evaluating new product features through testing. Disseminate learning throughout the organization to enhance the collective product instinct * Understand Tradeoff: in balancing the needs of students, instructors, and university partners, understand technical and financial tradeoffs when determining what to (or not to) build
Ideal Candidate
* 6+ years of relevant product management experience * Experience managing an end-to-end product lifecycle, from concept through launch * Excellent consumer intuition * Ability to set and execute a vision * Excellent structured and analytical thinking, with technical abilities * Exceptional written and oral communication skills * Solid design instincts * Passion for education * Technical background and/or empathy for engineers, and strong communication skills


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