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About Westcare
Uplifting the human spirit is a lofty statement for any organization to promote as their objective, especially given the challenging world we live in today. Quality health and human services for individuals, families and communities in need are a priceless resource.
Person in this position will be responsible for the computer maintenance needs of WestCare California. Responsible for installing, modifying, and making minor repairs to microcomputer hardware and software systems and provide technical assistance and training to system users. Successful individuals must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative and not limited to the knowledge, skills, and/or abilities required.
* Troubleshoot all computer problems that arise; * Troubleshoot any problems with fax machines or phone systems; * Provide training to clinical staff regarding computers and databases; * Resolve network level communication problems to ensure users continuous access through the WestCare network systems including the Internet; * nspect microcomputer equipment and read order sheet listing user requirements to prepare microcomputer for delivery; * Install or assist service personnel in installation of hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, printers, and disk drives on user's premises; * Load specified software packages such as operating systems, word processing, or spreadsheet programs into computer; * Enter commands and observe system functions to verify correct system operation and instruct user in use of equipment, software, and manuals; * Answer client's inquiries in person and via telephone concerning system operation; * Diagnose system hardware, software, and operator problems; * Recommend or perform minor remedial actions to correct problems based on knowledge of system operation; * Replace defective or inadequate software packages; * Refer major hardware problems to service personnel for correction; * Attend technical conferences and seminars to keep abreast of new software and hardware product developments; * Troubleshoot application errors or applications not operating, inn conjunction with users, isolate problems from symptoms, determine alternatives, and develop and implement resolution; if the problem is user error, work with operator to improve user instructions or train for better understanding; * Participate in installations of new applications releases and apply new releases to the production environment when user testing is completed; * Maintain current technical skills and systems knowledge while learning to use new technologies in a self-directed environment; * Embrace and embody the mission, vision, guiding principles, clinical vision and goals of WestCare Foundation; and * Perform other duties as assigned.
Ideal Candidate
**Essential Qualifications:** * Thorough knowledge of computer and microcomputer applications; * Windows operating system and software applications for Window 2000, 98 and NT; * CPR Certification, First Aid Certification and an Annual Tuberculosis test; and * Knowledge off Local and wide area network communications including data transmission protocols, (TCP/IP, PPP, SNMP, IPX/SPX, OSI) and PC Operating Systems. * Must have the ability to obtain and maintain CDCR clearance; * A valid California driver’s license and ability to obtain and maintain WestCare vehicle insurance; and * CPR Certification, First Aid Certification and an Annual Tuberculosis test. **Education:** * High School Diploma or equivalent.


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