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(Chicago, Illinois)
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About Mintel
The world's leading market intelligence agency.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business.Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand literally in fact: when the company was founded in 1972 it took its name from an amalgamation of the two words.
Mintel is looking for a talented entry-level Software Developer to join the IT team in Chicago. Joining an established team, the candidate will be redeveloping marketing intelligence websites that are used by most of the largest CPG companies and financial services institutions in the US and Canada, as well as the data entry and quality assurance systems which power it.
* Participate in planning activities with the Product Owner and other stakeholders. * Develop features for our client-facing website and data entry software. * Demo software to stakeholders and record their feedback. * Participate in testing and other quality assurance activities. * Manage the deployment of new features to beta and live environments. * Contribute to continuous improvement activities.
Ideal Candidate
* STEM degree or equivalent experience coupled with a proven ability to solve problems with code. * 1-5 years of experience (academic or professional) of software development. * Ability to learn and adapt to new technology platforms. * Experience in web technologies, Python, and POSIX-based systems is beneficial but not required. * Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment and participate fully in agile software development processes. * Aptitude for identifying and solving problems, both technical and organizational. * Desire to enhance your development capabilities with some of the skills of a sysadmin, tester and DBA.
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