Senior Business Consultant

MGM Resorts International

(Las Vegas, Nevada)
Full Time Weekends
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About MGM Resorts International
MGM Resorts International develops, builds and operates unique destination resorts designed to provide a total resort experience, including first-class accommodations and dining, world-class entertainment, state-of-the-art meeting and convention facilities, and high-quality retail and gaming experiences.
This Senior Business Consultant – Diversity & Inclusion is an integral part of supporting all strategies, initiatives and programs of the D & I Team. The primary responsibilities of this consultant are to provide support to the programs of the D&I Team; compile, analyze and maintain relevant internal and external data and metrics; extract critical business insights; prepare related reports; and formulate guidance and recommendations to Department and Company leadership. This employee will have substantial responsibility for the development and maintenance of general CSR metrics and data, with a special focus on diversity-related and philanthropy measurements and Return on Investment (“ROI”) results across the Company’s key business and corporate operations. This role requires collaboration with all Department teams (including Diversity & Inclusion (Internal), National Diversity Relations, and Philanthropy & Community Engagement), other corporate departments, as well as MGM Resorts properties and business units. This employee will be expected to perform privileged and confidential analyses under the supervision of the Company’s Labor & Employment General Counsel.
* Plays a key role in implementation of programming for the Corporate Social Responsibility Councils, the related Joint CSR Council and the Employee Network Groups (“ENG”) – including subject matter related to Diversity & Inclusion, the Company’s mission, vision and values, Company culture, leadership and talent development and employee engagement, all in alignment with Company-wide goals and objectives. * Takes a lead role in the development of key CSR metrics enterprise-wide, including diversity/inclusion and philanthropy, for measuring the effectiveness and success of Company CSR performance, initiatives and programs. * Gathers, validates, analyzes and maintains/manages large amounts of internal data and data models to measure Company performance against key CSR (including diversity/inclusion and philanthropy) metrics enterprise-wide, including historical Company trends and breakdowns by segments and sub-categories, and ROI where practicable. * Creates critical and time-sensitive reports, dashboards, charts and graphs that communicate the results of the Company’s CSR, diversity/inclusion and philanthropy initiatives and programs to Department and Company leadership, as well as the Board of Directors. * Advises Department and Company leadership on the results of key internal CSR metrics, internal and external CSR research and benchmarking, and ROI analysis – all to identify areas of opportunity that may enhance achievement of the Company’s CSR goals and business results. * Creates data-supported business cases and otherwise supports D&I team, Department and Company leadership in development of new CSR strategies, initiatives and programs based on analysis of Company data. * Develops and maintains evaluation tools to measure the effectiveness and impact of Company CSR, diversity/inclusion and philanthropy initiatives and programs, including the development of new metrics where meaningful. * Takes a lead role in preparation of data analysis for the Company’s responses to external reputation surveys and questionnaires, including CSR, diversity/inclusion and philanthropy. * Assists in research and analysis to enhance the Company’s CSR, including diversity/inclusion and philanthropy, initiatives and programs. * Identifies external CSR trends and benchmarks, including diversity/inclusion and philanthropy, which complement internal analysis and research. * Serves as primary Department custodian/archivist for critical Company CSR, including diversity/inclusion and philanthropy, data. * Supports other initiatives, programs and projects of the D&I Team and the Department, as assigned. * Engages in self-directed work; sets and maintains timetables for projects; manages deadlines and resources; works with a wide degree of creativity and latitude as well as minimal supervision; and regularly updates his/her own skills through on-going training and formal education. * Acts as a mentor of other Company employees and models the competencies and standards of effective leadership; participates in Company-sponsored volunteer and other CSR opportunities. * Performs other job-related duties as requested.
Ideal Candidate
* Bachelor’s Degree, preferably with a concentration in Business, Finance, Business Analysis, Statistics or other field with quantitative orientation. * At least 3 years of experience working on project management * At least 3 years of experience working on analytical project team with defined deliverables – including experience in data compilation, data analysis techniques, metrics measurements, database structures, synthesis of data into business insights and creating quantitative reports. * Excellent data management, analytical, communication, presentation, organization, time management and interpersonal skills. * Excellent customer service skills. * Able to lead and mentor a team. * Have interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all business contacts. * Professional appearance and demeanor. * Work varied shifts, including weekends and holidays. * Able to effectively communicate in English, in both written and oral forms. **Preferred:** * At least 4 years of experience working in statistical data management and analysis, including current Human Resources information systems, technologies and reporting tools. * Previous experience working in a similar resort setting.


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