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About Starweaver Group, Inc.
We deliver superlative, hands-on and practical corporate and investment banking education that you can use immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We focus on making complex subjects readily understandable and usable. If you want to take a great leap forward in your finance career, we are here to make that happen. Our instructors are practitioners who have worked in the field of finance. They relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter
As Director of Sales – Europe you are responsible to make it happen and deliver stellar sales performance throughout your territory. Yes, you will be selling and driving business yourself, but you are accountable for all teams of Senior Account Development Representatives and Account Development Representatives in your territory. Compensation is structured so you are incentivized to do both equally well. You are the key person:  to ensure your teams know (and learn from you) the best practices in identifying, cultivating, coordinating and closing prospects;  to develop existing clients into larger business opportunities; and,  to leverage existing client relationships to build more sales within a client and as reference to their peer and/or sister organizations, and others in their industry.
Your role involves: 1. All of the responsibilities articulated for the job of Senior Account Development Representative (be sure you have reviewed those before applying for this job), plus… 2. Recruiting, developing, training, mentoring/coaching, managing, growing and retaining the top performing team in the professional development/training business today 3. Agreeing to, meeting and (regularly) exceeding the benchmarks and key performance indicators (KPIs) set with the sales and company leadership organization including: a. Revenues and profits for each client and account b. Cold leads and leads-in-process metrics c. Client-in-development metrics d. Existing client metrics e. Social media metrics (followers, hours of views social media content…) 4. Ensuring best practices that result in current (as well as ongoing enhanced): a. Sales materials (overview, details…) working with our marketing teams including websites, sales literature, general sales videos, personalized … b. Sales scripts (written and telephonic) for all levels of sales professional in your team c. Sales pitches, client push-back and objection handling strategies, and closing skills d. Sales funnel development and growth e. Use of our customer relationship management (CRM) system to optimize communications and positive outcomes for all 5. Providing feedback to marketing and program management teams, as well as our senior leadership, about what specific domains of products and services (e.g., training in Full Stack vs. Cloud vs. Artificial Intelligence vs…) are in highest demand and most sought after by client organizations 6. Providing complete and accurate sales forecasts
Ideal Candidate
 All the requirements articulated for the job of Senior Account Development Representative (be sure you have reviewed those before applying for this job), plus…  5+ years of proven sales management expertise  Track record of meeting and exceeding revenue and profit goals of over $2 million  3+ years of demonstrative ability to identify, interview, evaluate, hire, train, mentor, coach, manage, grow and retain sales professionals at all levels  Proven ability to manage 5+ teams of senior and junior Account Development Representatives  Proven record of fostering a productive, happy, motivating and collaborative work environment  Proven skills at coordinating a sales team  Proven organizational skills at using a comprehensive CRM in organizing sales, sales teams and results  Proven talent to generate reports and data that clarifies sales performance of teams from that CRM  Proven history of meeting KPIs and performance results  Strong entrepreneurial skills and comfort in growth company, fast-changing business  Proven, self-motivated personality and ambitions to achieve  Excellent written and verbal communication skills  Outstanding organizational and time-management skills


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