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PLEASE NOTE: Only applications accepted through our website will be considered (best to view the description there to see this posting with better formatting) []( **Company Overview: WTF is Kaleidosports?** ***Our history*** With the hopes of starting something I could call my own I began selling hockey equipment online out of my parents’ garage in August 2014. The initial concept didn’t work out, but a lifelong inclination to never give up saw the company morph into its current form by early 2016. Today, Kaleidosports operates two sporting goods ecommerce websites out of Kitchener, Ontario: •, a custom team uniform company for rec sports •, our own brand of custom hockey goalie equipment Have you twigged onto why this job description has been written in first-person yet? You’ve got it: I’m a one-person company looking for employee number 2. So far, I’ve built this company by working with about half a dozen reliable manufacturers and another half dozen kick-ass freelancers/contractors. ***What we do*** So, what’s our company’s role? At our core we have 3 primary competencies: • Customer Service We’re the captain/coach of every order. We take responsibility to get shit done • Sales and Marketing Why don’t our manufacturers just cut us out? No one finds customers like us and even fewer treat customers the way we do • Logistics We do tireless background work to make buying as easy as a few clicks and manufacturing/fulfillment instructions as straightforward as a grocery list Where we are heading From 2015-2016 we grew 100% and from 2016-2017 we grew another 50% (with our largest segment seeing 80%+ growth). This is only the beginning. We’re constantly improving our sales process, expanding our product lines, and finding unique value-adds to create an unforgettable customer experience. Finding world-class people to join our team is the next step in reaching our objective to be a leader in both the custom apparel and sporting goods industries. The hiring doesn’t stop with you: we’re aiming to build out a full team of sales/customer service all-stars in the coming years. **What’s in it for you?** • Full-time position beginning early May 2018 • An unparalleled opportunity to join a young, growing company at the ground floor • Work location: 1601 Victoria St. N., Kitchener, Ontario • Compensation: this is a salaried position with salary to be discussed during the interview process o There is ample room for growth. Compensation will be re-evaluated after 12 months of employment with the likely addition of an incentive structure • Work hours: flexible start and finish time as long as you’re here during core hours (11-5) o Some flexibility to work from home on occasion
**Job Tasks: What’s a day in the life look like?** As employee #2 you’ll be called on for a wide range of tasks. I’ll be super involved in sharing what I’ve learned to get you up to speed. I am 100% invested in helping you succeed at the highest possible level. Primary responsibility: dealing with people • Inbound Customers: Most customers contact us before purchasing. It’s your job to field emails, phone calls, and live chats not only to answer their questions, but to close the deal • New Leads: When the well runs dry on website leads you’ll need to help refill it • Vendors: You’ve got to keep in constant contact with them to output exactly what the customer wants within the timeline you’ve promised Secondary responsibility: advancing the sales process • Customer psychology: How can we better communicate to customers? How often should we follow-up? I’ll be looking to you for input on how to close more sales • Training: If we’re fortunate enough to need another one (or ten!) of you how can we to get them up to speed faster than you did? **Company Culture: What’s it like working with me?** We all have different work styles, but here are a few things I refuse to compromise on: • Positivity and patience always win Customers and vendors are more likely to stay on your side if you stay on theirs • Work hard, but don’t burn out You can’t be afraid to stay late, but you also need to know how to pace yourself…I want you here a long time • There’s always a better way Don’t stop at the instructions you’re given: analyze them critically to constantly improve the process
Ideal Candidate
**Character Traits: Who are you?** You should relate to most or all the below statements: • “I never settle for good” • “I care more about the best solution than I do who gets credit” • “When something goes wrong my number one priority is solving the problem: getting upset is a waste of energy” • “I’m okay with not seeing outcomes until 6-12 months after putting in the effort” • “There is nothing I can’t do” **Skills and Training: What can you do?** These are what you’ll need to excel in this position: • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent (any major) • 0-5 years “real world” experience • Exceptionally strong written and oral communication in English • Extremely strong attention to detail: we’re working with a lot of custom products and if you mess something up, you usually can’t undo it without starting over • Extremely organized to manage timelines, customer notes, and call/order logging across dozens of in-progress orders • Ability to prioritize tasks: some customers are in more of a hurry than others • Extreme patience: many customers waffle back-and-forth for months before ordering • Basic math skills: calculate timelines and quote orders accurately and swiftly • Strong proficiency in Microsoft office • Strong computer literacy to learn/work with: Shopify, Dropbox, Gmail and more If you have any of the following please highlight them in your application as they are “nice-to-haves”: • Adobe Illustrator experience • Sales training/experience • Knowledge/experience in the promotional product or custom apparel business If you’re not a hockey or sports “person” it WILL NOT be held against you in the application process. **Application Process: So you still want in?** • Please read carefully: any applications not following instructions will not be considered • All applications must be submitted through the following Typeform page which we estimate will take 20 minutes to complete: o Typeform will collect both your resume and your university transcript • Applications submitted in any other format will not be accepted • You may email any questions to, but only do so after skimming through the required questions in the Typeform • Application deadline: Sunday, March 11, 2018 @ 10pm • Successful applicants will be contacted by March 14 and asked to schedule a phone interview between March 16 and 20. Leading candidates will then be selected for an in-person interview.


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