Apparel & Fashion New York, New York Private Corporation

Our Company

Dia&Co sells clothing and accessories to women who wear plus-sized apparel via a try-on-at-home model. Customers take an online survey to explain their tastes and then are shipped a five-item box of clothing and accessories. They buy the pieces they like and ship the rest back for free.Each box comes with a $20 styling fee that can be used as a credit toward a purchase of an item in the box. If a customer buys every item in a box, they receive a 20 percent discount.

Skills We're Looking For

Marketing Microsoft Excel Professional Development Building Relationships Fashion Design Leadership SQL Coaching Monthly Closes Accounting Software Working Collaboratively Branding Merchandising Marketing Strategy Community Engagement Customer Acquisition eCommerce Photo Editing engineering Mobile Management Consulting Investment Banking Benefits Compensation Knowledge of Employee Relations Human Resources Performance Management Resolving Issues Retention L&D Inventory Accounts Payable Bookkeeping