Life's Operating System

Information Technology & Services Nashville, Tennessee 10,000+ employees Private Corporation Founded in 1994

For the past 20 years, Asurion has helped people across the globe balance the interdependency between life and technology.

Today, as the industry-defining leader of technology solutions, we ensure 300 million consumers’ devices and appliances stay online and on the job in this fast-moving, tech-driven world.

We help you retrieve the seventeenth (and perfect) picture of your dog in that sweater, and make sure the undeliverable email is delivered. We replace that lost phone, and make your TV shake hands with the Internet. We’re the silent partner in your video editing career, and the reason you can do that thing with the thing that makes beautiful music on your tablet.

We’re the people who know what the one button does. And why sometimes it does not.

We have always worked as though life depends on us. And, increasingly, it does. Technology is virtually everywhere. It drives performance at work, powers a growing number of tasks at home, and guides us as we move between the two.

At Asurion, we not only understand technology, we appreciate the value of it. Life without the laptops, devices, and apps we become accustomed to can become very challenging, very quickly. And as your home’s devices become interconnected, the stakes become even higher.

We’re a technology company. But we’re also an amazing group of people. When you call us, you’ll talk to people with the patience and experience to genuinely help. We understand what it’s like to have a cell phone fall in the swimming pool or a hard drive crash on a term paper. We replace. We fix. We find. We solve. We keep you in the game.

Asurion ensures technology and people are harmonious. And your life is in balance. We do so across the digitally connected globe, by speaking six languages, and by working across any device, platform or provider.

There’s only one system like ours on earth, and it took two decades of innovating, and empathizing, to build.

Asurion. Life’s Operating System.

Skills We're Looking For

Customer Service Windows Accounting Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word Customer Support Hardware iOS Operating System Apple Blackberry Android Software Wireless Customer Care Process Improvement Economics Finance Account Management Financial Reporting Human Resources Journal Entries Technical Accounting SQL Drafting Legal Documentation Administrative Support PowerPoint Accounts Receivable Billing Close Vision Data Analysis Formatting

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