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About Thumbtack
Thumbtack is a local services marketplace that connects customers who need to get things done with local, skilled professionals who can help. From plumbers and painters to DJs and personal trainers, Thumbtack helps millions of customers find the right professional for their project in over 1,000 categories.
Account Specialists will support the Managed Accounts Sales initiative. Managed Accounts generally have several decision makers in adopting Thumbtack broadly across their organization. Once working with Thumbtack at the corporate level has been agreed to, the Account Specialists work to assure the adoption of Thumbtack is a success and all decision makers within the Account are satisfied. Account Specialists will Onboard Managed Accounts into Quoting Service, ProAssist or other sales channels the Managed Account team is offering. Onboarding the account by learning their quoting preferences, pricing and messaging, and creating tools that allow TPH to quote for them 24/7. Supporting them once they go live to improve the quality of quotes we send for them, help the pro to improve their profile and messaging, and contribute to their success on Thumbtack Build relationships with managed account pros such that you are a trusted business partner to them
* Dive into the Managed Account team to help us build this service--whether doing onboarding, coaching pros, creating reports, building relationships with the pros you support--you’ll join a collaborative environment where you’ll learn new skills and help on various sub-teams to support Managed Account Pros to adopt Thumbtack as a major part of their marketing spend * Gain intimate understanding of each Pro’s business, including quote/pass criteria, service area, scheduling preferences, pricing, etc. * Gain trust of Pro to help manage his/her business by following up regularly with actionable feedback that helps the Pro be increasingly successful on Thumbtack * Help build out pricing calculators and reporting in Sheets for each pro to facilitate quick and easy quoting by TPH * Build out filters in admin and in Gmail to help pros receive only the requests they want * Utilize Tack to proactively track and report on results of activities * Provide ongoing feedback and recommendations to proactively help the team to improve and refine the Managed Account Playbook; epitomize company values of #go, #alwaysbeimproving, #reasonfromfirstprinciples * Help to consolidate feedback to Product teams to communicate learnings * Play an active and important role on an initiative with huge potential impact for Thumbtack * Be proactive in monitoring the metrics of the Pros you support * Provide updates through reporting and documented conversations to stakeholders within the Managed Account that can be used for coaching the Pro toward success
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements** * Be Strategic--Understand that importance of each interaction with your Pros and the ripple effect those interactions can have * Proactive in anticipating challenges and quick to come up with ideas to resolve those challenges * Comfortable giving direct feedback and directing the customer to a resolution * Proactive worker in general - part of the job is reactive in nature (quoting, answering calls, etc.) but a large part of it is proactively providing insights/feedback, finding ways to improve the processes, and asking “what else can I do?” * Excellent spoken and written English AND great listening skills * Business savvy and able to help business owners build their business * Strong problem solving skills- you’re resourceful and will know our product so well that you really understand what the customer needs; solution-oriented * Very well-organized--able to understand and document critical information for each pro so that we are able to quote on his/her behalf * Ability and desire to do multiple roles within the Managed Account Team (Outreach, onboarding, live, quoting service, instant quote, etc) * Comfortable navigating multiple systems and getting up to speed very quickly with all of our online tools; also comfortable scrapping old methods to test or recommend new ones * You have a positive, happy attitude that makes you want to delight our customers every day * You’re smart, honest and patient **Bonus Points** * Experience with Tack/Salesforce * Experience with Google Sheets and Slides * Business-related coursework * Willing to be flexible with your working hours (pros will occasionally have needs in odd hours and we will need to work to be reasonably responsive to them). * Previous Pro-Assist onboarding experience
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Specialists generally work business hours from 9 am to 5 pm


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