Starweaver Group, Inc.

(San Francisco, California)
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About Starweaver Group, Inc.
We deliver superlative, hands-on and practical corporate and investment banking education that you can use immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We focus on making complex subjects readily understandable and usable. If you want to take a great leap forward in your finance career, we are here to make that happen. Our instructors are practitioners who have worked in the field of finance. They relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter
As a Brand Ambassador, you will collaborate with our Social Media Managers to be the face and voice of our brand. As a successful Brand Ambassador, you will be involved in increasing brand awareness and sales by promoting our products through various media channels. You must be an enthusiastic person and be able to work closely with our sales and marketing teams to achieve measurable and track-able goals and objectives. This will include communicating the value of our professional development / training courses and content to business leaders, working professionals and students, tracking feedback from these parties, and representing the brand in all online places and (if any) offline events. It is not anticipated you will need to travel in this role.
1. Line of business decision-makers and heads of training in our Fortune 1000 target client base 2. Working professionals who are target students for our live and online courses (see our websites for reference to the audiences we target) Your role involves: 1. Familiarizing yourself with our mission, vision, and goals 2. Working closely with our Social Media Managers to conceptualize marketing campaigns, social media strategies and tactical tools for implementing each 3. Executing those campaigns, strategies and tools in tight coordination with Social Media Managers 4. Educating our corporate customers, working professionals and students, and any channel partners and distributors about our professional development and training courses, and our brand 5. Creating website and social media content to drive brand awareness and attract new customers 6. Building rapport with customers and instructors 7. Monitoring customer feedback and escalating complaints to the marketing department 8. Tracking customer preferences, metrics, and media campaigns 9. Representing the company at product launches, events, and trade shows 10. Brainstorming ideas and participating in training and workshops 11. Maintaining a positive image of the brand at all times
Ideal Candidate
 A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent preferred  Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing or related field  Prior experience in a customer service environment  Excellent verbal and written communication skills  Friendly, approachable, and outgoing personality  Working knowledge of social media platforms and tools  Adaptable with the ability to prioritize tasks


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