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About Starweaver Group, Inc.
We deliver superlative, hands-on and practical corporate and investment banking education that you can use immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We focus on making complex subjects readily understandable and usable. If you want to take a great leap forward in your finance career, we are here to make that happen. Our instructors are practitioners who have worked in the field of finance. They relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter
We are hiring SALES EXECUTIVES capable of conducting business-to-business CONSULTATIVE sales of our training services. Our “product” is “top-end, IT, project management and related training,” and thus we largely are selling in a consultative manner: selling a service. That is, sales people identify client companies, consulting firms, etc., who need our services; they identify and contact senior level executive decision-makers within those target organizations and attempt to build relationships of trust with those decision-makers; they engage those decision makers in needs training analysis discussions. The sales professionals we hire will be calling on a target audience of well-defined companies, institutions and business services providers around the world, as well as specific governmental agencies (e.g., international development agencies). While we speak with an call on supporting professionals within those organizations’ human resources “talent management” and “professional development” (also called “learning and development”) areas, we do not “sell” to these contacts either, as they are largely administrative service providers and do not have budgets with which to purchase our services.
The principal job of the SALES EXECUTIVES will be: 1. Developing new business relationships from a target group of organizations, starting with calling business leads by telephone, social media, email and other means; 2. Educating prospects (senior line of business professionals as well as supporting learning and development professionals) within those target organizations about who we are, the quality and nature of what we do and the evidence of the excellence of our services; 3. Coordinating conference calls, online meetings, and in person meetings for senior Starweaver professionals to build rapport and establish new business opportunities with those prospects; 4. Conducting and/or participating in client and prospect demonstrations; and, 5. Ensuring closure of sales contracts. Your focus will be, in top-to-bottom order: A. Helping to keep existing customers very happy; B. Helping to find new ways to serve those customers to generate more and better business; C. Re-developing relationships with customers we have not been doing business with recently; D. Networking online through social media, calling by telephone and otherwise connecting with new clients and individuals we want to do business with; and E. Responding to inbound requests for more information and demonstrations.
Ideal Candidate
 5+ years of direct sales experience in financial services.  Demonstrative experience and success in selling to businesses.  Ability to use a client relationship management system (and ideally familiarity with  Excellent oral and written skills and ability to communicate clearly at multiple levels with a client organization.  2nd language skills are valuable (Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French...).


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