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About Starweaver Group, Inc.
We deliver superlative, hands-on and practical corporate and investment banking education that you can use immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We focus on making complex subjects readily understandable and usable. If you want to take a great leap forward in your finance career, we are here to make that happen. Our instructors are practitioners who have worked in the field of finance. They relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter
As a Content Production Associate, you will work in the areas of content management and logistics, third party content licensing, and instructor/subject matter expert (SME) development. Thus, you are fully responsible for the full lifecycle of content that we touch, including intellectual property that we own as well as that owned by third parties. You will work remotely from our offices. Your work includes interacting with: 1. Subject matter experts and instructors within subject areas relevant to our professional development and training businesses 2. Learning management systems (LMS) and content management systems (CMS) that are used to manage and / or deliver content for our internal and external audiences 3. Publishers of content, books, tests, coding challenges…, including ourselves and third-parties 4. Our finance teams (in coordinating payments to and from various parties) 5. Our internal subject matter experts, and, 6. Our leadership team
As a Content Production Associate, you will be accountable: A) For instructors and subject matter expert development a. To identify, engage, develop, and coordinate with subject matter experts and instructors to create, coordinate, product and mange courses, programs and other professional development and training b. To ensure they are aware where and how content owned by them is being used c. To ensure contracts are in place with all engaged subject matter experts and instructors d. To ensure biographies, resumes, video introduction, etc. are available for each person B) To manage content on our LMS and CMS a. To create, organize, update, and manage all content on our LMS and CMS b. To ensure content is updated, and tracking mechanisms for the workflow of content management are in place and used appropriately c. To ensure the content used is appropriate, consistent, properly managed and catalogued, and securely stored on our LMS and CMS platforms C) To publishers of content so that it is a. Best of breed b. Update and relevant to our audiences D) To program managers a. To coordinate content with our program managers engaged in the delivery and support of client products and services contracted b. To understand what our sales team has sold to our clients and ensure that is aligned with the subject matter experts and instructors c. To monitor and manage Slack Channels associated with our courses and training programs E) To other content and technology professionals a. To work with videographers, graphic artists and others to edit content for courses, programs and other professional development and training planned delivered to our clients b. To ensure the highest possible quality content is used at all times in our work F) To company sales and marketing initiatives, including: a. Producing videos, tutorials, webinars, techbytes, Free Course Fridays, free live online streaming courses and other content for sales and marketing, social media purposes b. Coordinating regular free webinars with our subject matter experts and instructors;
Ideal Candidate
1.  A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent preferred. 2.  1+ year working with LMS and CMS preferred 3.  2+ years using with online education, including Udemy, Pluralsight,… preferred 4.  Strong ability to contact and develop rapport with third parties (e.g., instructors, SMEs…) 5.  2+ years demonstrable experience working on multiple, simultaneous projects 6.  Strong follow-up skills in planning and executing details 7.  Attention to detail and quality in everything you do 8.  Solid communications skills with others 9.  Excellent ability to use phone, email, Skype and other means with our instructors and SMEs 10.  Great drive and initiative to get work done that meets or exceeds expectations. 11.  Self-motivated personality and ambitions to achieve 12.  Excellent written and verbal communication skills 13.  Outstanding organizational and time-management skills 14.


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