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Our Company

In 2013 we called b.s. on the protein bar industry and created RXBAR. Every label we found had some artificial, manufactured ingredient somewhere on the list. Thinking they’re buying something healthy, people are being sold junk. So we took over the proverbial parents’ basement, experimented a lot, and ended up creating RXBAR; the a minimal-ingredient, whole food protein bar. Originally, RXBARs were for people doing CrossFit (a no b.s. training program, coincidentally) and CrossFit athletes ate us up. Today, we are part of the everyday lives of every kind of person who wants to eat only healthy whole foods, no matter when or where. In a car at 6 AM, on a plane at 6 PM. We’re doing our part to eliminate the b.s. in traditional packaged goods by making a whole food protein bar, using a short list of uncompromised ingredients, for people who truly care about what they put into their bodies.

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