Housekeeping Room Inspector

Real Hospitality Group

(New York, New York)
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About Real Hospitality Group
As a leader in the hospitality industry, our mission was made clear from the beginning; we respect the relationships of our clients, value their assets, and strive to achieve maximum profitability by maintaining a quality operation. Our team works to provide each owner the specific services within the company that best fits their market and situation, while maintaining a clear path for systems and operational expectations.
To support the housekeeping and laundry departments manage all facets of the Housekeeping Department in the absence of the Executive Housekeeper, ensuring high levels of cleanliness, guest service and satisfaction throughout the hotel. This includes guestrooms, hallways, lobbies, public areas, rest areas, laundry, storage and work areas.
* Supervises Directly : Room attendants, House-persons, Laundry personnel * Supervises housekeeping and laundry staff: participating in associate performance evaluations, training and development. * Assists the executive housekeeper in the development of the department's annual budget. * Participates in cost control systems for staffing, inventories, (linen, terry, OS&E and cleaning supplies. * Enforces policies and procedures in the department. * Ensures quality services are rendered in meeting guest needs and that guest relations are enhanced. * Directs hourly associates in all areas of the department. * Prepares daily assignment sheets for all housekeeping and laundry associates. * Maintains cleanliness quality based on hotel objectives. * Inspects, monitors and maintains level of cleanliness in all assigned guest rooms. Reports all unsatisfactory conditions to the room attendant assigned and takes personal responsibility to ensure that actions are taken to remedy any substandard cleanliness or maintenance related conditions in each guestroom. * Assumes responsibility for the guest feedback and guest service scores in all departmental related indices. * Inspects monitors and maintains level of cleanliness in event areas, storage areas, restrooms and public areas and offices. * Compiles and reports accurate status of all guestrooms to the front desk department. * Works with the Security Office to enforce standard procedures for the acceptance, security and return on guest lost and found items. * Maintains productivity and labor cost goals. * At the direction of the executive housekeeper, conducts formal inventories of linen, supplies and equipment as required. * At the direction of the executive housekeeper participates in the ordering of supplies so as to maintain adequate inventory levels. * Checks all vacant rooms and spaces, public spaces, storage areas and rest areas each day. * Maintains departmental key control. * Maintains deep cleaning program. * Complete projects as determined by the Executive Housekeeper.
Ideal Candidate
* Read and interpret business records and statistical reports. * Analyze and interpret established policies. * Make business decisions based on production reports and similar facts as well as on your own experience and personal opinions. * Deal with the general public, customers, associates, union and government officials with tact and courtesy. * Plan and organize the work of others. * Change activity frequently and cope with interruptions. * Speak and write clearly. * Accept full responsibility for managing and activity. * Be available for work evenings, weekends and holidays. **Physical Demands:** * Lifting 20 lbs. maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 10 lbs. Requires walking or standing to a significant degree, reaching, handling, feeling, talking, hearing, seeing. **Environmental Conditions:** * Inside: Protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes. A job is considered "inside" if the worker spends approximately 75% or more of the time inside. **Math Skills:** * Requires mathematical development sufficient to be able to: Deal with system of real numbers; algebraic solution of equations and probability and statistical inference. Apply fractions, percentages, ratio and proportion. **Language Skills:** * Must have developed language skills to the point to be able to: Read newspapers, periodicals, journals and manuals. Write business letters, summaries and reports using prescribed format, and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style. Participate in discussions and debates. Speak extemporaneously on a variety of subjects. **Relationships to Data, People and Things:** * Data: Coordinating: Determining time, place and sequence of operations or action to be taken on the basis of analysis of data; executing determination and/or reporting on events. * People: Speaking-Signaling: Talking with and/or signaling people to convey or exchange information, including giving assignments and/or directions to helpers or assistants. * Things: Handling: Using body members, hand tools, and/or special devices to work, move, or carry objects or materials. Involves little or no latitude for judgment with regard to attainment of standards or in selecting appropriate tools, objects or materials. **Specific Vocational Preparation:** * Specific vocational training includes an occupationally significant combination of: vocational education, apprentice training, in-plant training, on-the-job training, or essential experience in less responsible jobs which lead to the higher job or serving in other jobs, over 1 year up to and including 2 years. An Associates or Bachelor degree or higher education preferred.
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