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(Schaumburg, Illinois)
Full Time
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About Mechdyne
Mechdyne is one of the world's leading providers of innovative visual information technologies. We bend technology to our will in ways that transform complex data into insights and ideas. To ensure our clients succeed, we provide comprehensive, customized solutions that include consulting, software, technical services, and hardware integration.
This is going to be the most challenging career you will ever have. You will not have time to be bored and you may incur some wrinkles. But in the end, it will be worth it. And this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may only come to you once. We are one of the world's best and most innovative providers of visualization hardware/software, audio, visual, and information technologies. But of course you already knew that. What you may not know is that we serve many Fortune 500 companies, leading university and research centers as well as elite government agencies and the US Military who keep coming back to us to help them solve their everyday problems by providing customized solutions created by people like you!
* Be the network guru and an amazing consultant as needed. * Review project scopes and contracts? Of course! You will know the business requirements and solutions inside and out. * Focus on and provide a seamless internal infrastructure that runs as smooth as butter. Will updates need to be made? Sure, but no one will know because you will be the expert to make all changes with no interruptions! * Be a subject matter expert and face of the company during monthly meetings with internal and external clients to discuss account reviews and proactively recommend options to streamline operations. * Keep up to date on the latest certifications. We want you to always be learning and continuing your education!
Ideal Candidate
This career is definitely for you if: * You have a 4-year degree in computer engineering, computer science, or other engineering/programming related fields * You have spent a good portion of your career working with Windows 2008-2016 and Microsoft Exchange 2007-2016 * You love working with Active Directory, Group Policy Design and Implementation, and Server O.S Installations/Upgrades/Migrations * You get excited about isolating complex Exchange issues while understanding the Exchange architecture and database structures * Network configuration & VMWare Virtualization is second nature to you * Storage design, Routing protocols (IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF), VLAN configurations, and firewall installation is something you could do in your sleep * You like people and enjoy working in a team of world class experts * You are courteous, professional, and communicate well with other people * You take your positive attitude very seriously and do your best to exercise it despite the usual challenges you face when working with new technology You are extra qualified if: * You have already taken your continuing education to the next level and gained some certifications along the way (CCNA, VMWare, SCCM, etc.) * You possess crazy good troubleshooting skills * You love helping other people and are not afraid to get your hands dirty in the process * You have built a computer part by part at least once in your life * You like to tinker with audio/visual and electronic components * You have setup and played with databases and web development tools
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