Network Engineer

Wave Broadband

(Kirkland, Washington)
Full Time
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About Wave Broadband
Wave is a gigabit fiber and broadband services company, providing true high-speed internet service and a variety of related products and options for business and residential customers in key areas of Washington, Oregon, and California.
As a Network Engineer on the Commercial Order Processing team, you responsibilities will include network device maintenance and implementation, as well as serving as an escalation point for network events. You will act as an escalation point for network issues, combining excellent troubleshooting, communication, and network management skills, to expedite problem resolution and act as a key point of contact between internal groups, vendors, and network peers.
* Handle escalated trouble calls and work closely with the NOC, engineering, field technicians, and telecommunications carriers to resolve service issues. * Act as an externally facing point of contact to facilitate handling of problem reports and maintain relations with customers, network peers and vendors. * Act as an internally facing point of contact to escalate technical issues and communicate network status. Oversee and execute planned network maintenance work, minimizing impact to services. * Configure and install VOIP, NIDs, border routers, and aggregation switches.
Ideal Candidate
**Required Qualifications:** * 2 years of experience with an Internet service provider or enterprise-level network engineering. * Cisco certification CCNA, or higher preferred. * System engineering, test and link analysis skills with vendor-specific tools. * Network routing protocol troubleshooting skills in all of BGP, OSPF, ISIS, and MPLS and knowledge of TCP/IP, IPv6, Multicast, VRRP, HSRP, and SNMP protocols. **Preferred Qualifications:** * BA or BS in EE/CS/CE or a similar field. In lieu of degree, relevant skills or equivalent experience. * Experience with 10GE coherent networks. * Strong English-language written and oral communications skills with the ability to influence others with your stellar network engineering solutions.


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