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About Gliffy
Gliffy was founded in 2005 as the world’s first web-based diagramming tool. Gliffy is a cloud based software tool set used to create flow and organization charts, mind maps, venn diagrams, database schemas, and any number of visual presentations. Over four million people use our SaaS application, along with notable customers like Oracle, Twitter, Pandora and Adobe.
Gliffy is the world’s most widely used online diagramming application for teams and is committed to helping people communicate their best ideas visually. We are currently seeking either a DIrector or VP of Marketing reporting to the CEO at Gliffy to help the team achieve this goal. This is an opportunity to build and lead a team, strengthen a culture around marketing, and help to redefine a brand to be more relevant to our customers. Initially this is a player/coach role for an individual who will be able to scale with a fast growing company. You will work on both improving existing programs and developing and iterating on entirely new marketing programs.
* Grow the number of qualified companies/leads trialing the Gliffy product by 5x in the next three years. * Optimize and support relationships with resellers and other major integration/distribution partners (Atlassian, Google...etc). * Lead and grow a small team of top notch marketers with expertise in content marketing, PR, partner/marketplace marketing, demand generation, and marketing automation/operations. * Collaborate with talented sales people, developers, designers and growth product managers to ensure leads are converting to our targets as we scale efforts. * Test your ideas on people/companies and iterate! Right-size processes for the company as we build and scale our marketing efforts. * Improve and strengthen our brand identity working in partnership with design and product management * Perhaps most importantly, Build a Great Company, Learn, and have Fun!
Ideal Candidate
* Senior-level hands-on experience building brand, demand gen, and public relations campaigns in the start-up world. * You should be a roll-up-the sleeves/hands-on executive who has loves building things from scratch and have a desire to do it again * Ideally you have led marketing in an organization around 35 people in size and grown it to an organization 100+ in size. Example: You may have joined a marketing team of 3 people and grew it to 10. * Relevant experience in some combination of Social Media & Content strategy, PR & Comms, SEO/SEM, Analytics and Lead Generation/Conversion, . * Proven track record of hiring and managing top talent in a small but fast growing company or division in a company * Attention to detail * Excellent communication skills. You seek out constructive criticism and feedback as a natural part of your process. You are great at explaining why good design is good for business. * A bias towards action, getting feedback from customers, measurement and iteration * Are a big fan of the Agile software development process
Compensation and Working Conditions
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Flexibility to work remotely up to 2 days a week. Competitive salaries and bonuses. Shared ownership of the company. 401K Contribution. 2 week Xmas Break. Full medical and dental coverage along with additional perks.


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