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Cengage Learning believes that engagement is the foundation of learning... Engagement is at our core and our focus is on engaging with learners, both in the classroom and beyond, to ensure the most effective product design, learning solutions and personalized services – all to help people learn. We understand that an engaged learner is a successful one and we are leading the transition to digital with a unique faculty AND student perspective to transform learning through engagement. Our name itself reinforces this core commitment – "engage" is at the "center" of all we do. Cengage Learning is Engaged with… Students – By engaging with you and listening to how you work best, we are creating products and solutions to fit your learning style and help keep you engaged – wherever you are. We are putting students first in the development of educational materials and are transforming the learning process to help you succeed. Educators – Faculty tell us that their job is to Engage Students. Our job is to help. Engaging your students means to advance, challenge and inspire them in the classroom and beyond. By working together to develop solutions with the end–user in mind, and supporting your efforts with unparalleled services and support, we can help you cultivate engaged learners, resulting in better outcomes. Librarians – Information must be used to be valuable. You are curators of authoritative material, and together, with our content and digital tools, we can help you to engage your users with the treasures of the library. Employees – We are dedicated to improving engagement, and that begins by engaging our people. We learn as a team. Together we help others learn. Cengage Learning is a leading educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education and K–12, professional and library markets worldwide. The company provides superior content, personalized services and course-driven digital solutions that accelerate student engagement and transform the learning experience. Cengage Learning is headquartered in Boston, MA with an office hub located in San Francisco, CA. Cengage Learning employees reside in nearly 40 different countries with company sales in more than 125 countries around the world.

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Marketing Sales Software Development Agile Development Process Product Management JavaScript Computer Science Customer Satisfaction Project Management Professional Development Contact Management System HTML Continuous Integration Git Agile Software Java Microsoft Excel Product Strategy Content Development Content Based Instruction Market Analysis Profit and Loss Financial Metrics Market Share Business Metric Learning Design Conversion Rates Sell-through Recurring Release Cycles Data Analysis AngularJS Test Driven Development (TDD) React.js JavaScript Frameworks Editorials