How to Build Positive Corporate Cultures

How to Build Positive Corporate Cultures

By: Erin Venable | July 01, 2017

Businesses are only as strong as their employees. For an organization to be successful, it needs to function as a well oiled machine. A positive company culture can promote job satisfaction and innovation from employees. Your business needs a positive corporate culture to be successful. Build a strong, favorable environment so that your employees and organization will both thrive with these steps.

Employee Recognition

One of the easiest ways to promote a positive company culture is by creating an employee recognition initiative within your business. When you encourage employees to compliment and acknowledge each other, the environment becomes more positive. Employee recognition programs aren’t as difficult to begin as you may think. Encourage managers to pay attention to their teams or have meetings where employees can propose accomplishments to be recognized. Listen to workers and find out what achievements they are proud of and what should be celebrated. Employee recognition promotes successful actions and creates a positive company culture that all can enjoy.

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Peer to Peer Feedback

Along with employee recognition programs, peer to peer feedback initiatives can encourage a favorable working environment within your business. Your employees are more likely to value the feedback that they receive if it is from a team member or worker on their level, rather than traditional top-down feedback. When peers give feedback, they are usually closer to the work the employee is doing and have a better understanding of their successes and mistakes. Peers are more likely to know how to talk with an individual from working more closely to them, Peer feedback can feel more genuine because peers were most involved in the work that was done. Peer to peer feedback is also usually more casual and combined with an employee recognition program, it can help build a positive, caring company culture to bring your organization closer to success.

Your employees will create progress and innovation when you create a positive working environment that promotes their job satisfaction.

Encourage Diversity

A very important part of a positive company culture where employees feel valued and heard is diversity. When a business is too monogamous it is easy for things to become stagnant and lack innovation. Diversity in an organization encourages improvement and new perspectives, which will bring the company more opportunities to progress. Groupthink is the enemy of a positive company culture. If everyone believes that there is only one way to think at the company, they will never be comfortable or genuine in the environment. People want to know that they work in an honest and open company. Create that positive environment by encouraging diversity and differences in your employees.

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Identify and Prioritize Values

To build an open and positive working environment for your employees, your organization needs to first identify its most important values. Sustainability, honesty, innovation, and community are all examples of values that your company could choose to embody. Choose your values and then commit to actualizing them in your organization. Create events or programs around these values and encourage your employees to embody them as well. Having strong values and initiatives that encourages those values will bring your company a stronger, more positive corporate culture.

Hire Talent that Fits

Building a positive company culture is directly related to existing employees in your organization and any new hires that are chosen. Your existing employees will hopefully embrace your company’s values and new positive culture, but it may take time or prove difficult for some employees. Employees that don’t fit with a positive working environment can damage the company’s culture in general. Focus on getting your existing employees on board and building a culture that works for them. When choosing new hires, make sure they are a good fit for this favorable working environment that you are creating.

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Employee experience and satisfaction is key to your company’s success, we wrote all about that in our article Employee Experience: The Brand Strategy Your Company Needs. Creating a positive corporate culture is the first step towards happier, more driven employees. The harder your employees work and the more committed they are to your mission, the more successful your organization will be in the long run. Your employees will create the progress and innovation your business needs to get ahead when you create a positive working environment that encourages and promotes their job satisfaction.

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