Jobs You Didn't Know Celebrities Had!

Jobs You Didn't Know Celebrities Had!

By: Erin Venable | July 22, 2017

While it may seem like celebrities have always been glamorous and rich, that is hardly the case. Many celebrities had regular day jobs before they made it big. From retail and janitorial work to carpentry, celebrities have done it all. If you have ever wondered what employment famous people have had, then this list is for you. With the help of LifeBuzz and Buzzfeed, here are some of the more common jobs that we discovered celebrities have held before getting their big break.

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The most popular celebrity job probably doesn’t come as a surprise. With so many movies, musicals, and TV shows showing waitresses trying to make it big, it turns out they’re based on a real trend. Many celebs have worked hard in restaurants as waitresses. Here are a few famous people who got paid for taking orders and bringing people their meal:

Sandra Bullock

Elizabeth Banks

Katie Lowes

Many of these women had to work a number of different jobs before they got their big break, including restaurant work. Some even waited tables while working acting jobs and trying to make it in the acting world.

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No one likes receiving telemarketer’s phone calls, but wouldn’t it soften the blow if it was a celebrity’s voice on the other end of the line? While waiting tables may be one of the more popular professions out there, there are a few stars who made their income trying to sell products on the phone.

Johnny Depp

Jennifer Aniston

If you’ve ever had to work as in sales or telemarketing, you aren’t alone. Even celebrities have picked up the phone to earn their keep. Let that knowledge comfort you the next time you receive a telemarketing phone call or make one yourself.

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Gap Sales Associate

While there are plenty of celebs that have worked retail, GAP specifically seems to have a draw for undiscovered stars. Wouldn’t it be nice to see a celebrity folding clothes at the GAP store in your local mall? These are the stars who spent their pre-fame days folding clothes and assisting GAP customers.

Kanye West

Matthew Morrison

If you want to hear more about Kanye’s experience, listen to his “The College Dropout” album. Maybe he and Matthew Morrison can team up to sing about working at the GAP together next time?

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Wouldn’t it be exciting to get furniture made by Matt LeBlanc or Harrison Ford? There must be some wood products out there produced by these celebrities as they both spent time working as carpenters before they made it big! If you have an interest in carpentry, know that these great celebrities have worked in the field before you.

Matt LeBlanc

Harrison Ford

You won’t find these two working in carpentry these days, but feel happy knowing that both of these gentlemen once specialized in working with wood.

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Chatting with hairdressers is always fun, but can you imagine talking away with Danny DeVito or Mariah Carey while they cut your hair? Clearly beauticians have a powerful legacy in these two talented celebrities. If you’re a beautician, you could still be the next comedic genius or power singer too.

Danny DeVito

Mariah Carey

Feel free to crack jokes or belt it out singing while cutting your next client's hair, because you might be on your way to stardom just like these two talented celebs.

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It’s easy to think of celebrities lives as full of glitz and glam, but they all came from somewhere. These celebrities both worked as janitorial staff members, reports Buzzfeed. If you needed a reminder than many stars had humble beginnings, it doesn’t get more humble that this.

Miley Cyrus

Jim Carrey

If you have done janitorial work or are currently employed in this field, be comforted with the knowledge that these musical and funny celebrities have scrubbed and vacuumed too.

Celebrities seem to live such decadent and glamorous lives, but they all began somewhere.

Knowing that some of the most hilarious, talented, and impressive stars out there have waited tables, worked in call centers, and gotten their hands dirty as carpenters or janitors can help keep things in perspective. Enjoy our list of the most popular jobs that celebrities held before they got their big break.

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