5 Simple Steps for Overcoming Your Job Dissatisfaction

5 Simple Steps for Overcoming Your Job Dissatisfaction

By: Erin Venable | May 26, 2017

Work can be stressful and taxing, but if you feel truly unhappy in your current job it’s time to take action. Don’t let yourself accept your displeasure, make your life better and work towards your own happiness. No one should suffer needlessly and these 5 steps can help you find contentment again at least.

1. Determine The Cause

The best way to start managing your unhappiness at work is by figuring out what exactly is upsetting you. It is the actual work you are doing? Is it your co-workers or manager? Do you feel like there’s no room for you to improve or grow in this position? Think about what is bothering you about your current situation. It may even be multiple factors keeping you from being happy. It’s also important to consider the timeline of your unhappiness. Is this a new development since you began a certain project? Or has your dissatisfaction been building over time? Once you can identify the causes of your discomfort and the timeline of your unhappiness, you will be in a better position to change things.

2. Make Some Changes

The next step is to try and instigate some change. This could mean trying to find new people to interact with in your office, having a meeting with your boss to air out your concerns, or keeping an eye out for new projects to join. Really consider how you can change the things that are making you unhappy and then go about making those changes. Sometimes, just having someone acknowledge your worries can help you feel more positive about changing them. And once you start taking action towards your happiness, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that can help you deal with your negative feelings.

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3. Give It Time

Your dissatisfaction probably won’t go away in a day. Maybe you will need to meet with your boss or team multiple times before you actually begin to see change. A new opportunity make present itself a few months after you decide to change things. It may also take time to find the right solution to the problem. Change rarely happens overnight, so let the fact that you are taking control of your own happiness encourage you and be patient as you wait for change to come.

4. Consider Your Options

If there is a larger problem, like the company’s culture or lack of advancement opportunity, then try doing some research. Maybe there are more opportunities within your company than you realize. Apply for a job in a new department if you don’t find the subject matter of your work engaging. Give yourself time to see the options within your company, or even look into the general job market. It’s possible that you will find a job or company that appeals to you more than your current position. You may also see that the other options out there aren’t as comfortable as your current position after all. By seeing the market, you could gain a new appreciation for your situation.

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5. Start Something New

If you have been patient and tried to make the best of things with no improvement, it’s time to find a new job. If you did some research and considered your options, then you probably already have a next step in mind. It’s okay to leave a job if you aren’t happy there and it can’t be changed. Take the next step towards building the career that you want and finding the happiness that you need.

Just because your job seems demoralizing, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change the situation. By taking the time to figure out the cause of your unhappiness, trying to change it, and possibly moving on from this position entirely, you will be able to find satisfaction once again and live the life that you want.

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