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At Vanguard, investors can earn more over time simply by keeping more of their investment returns. Unlike other investment companies, we don't have outside owners taking a portion of clients’ returns. With no other parties to answer to, we can keep costs low and we can make every decision solely with investors' interests in mind. Vanguard is one of the world's largest investment companies. We offer low-cost mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services to financial professionals, institutional investors, and individual investors. As of December 31, 2015, we managed more than $3.4 trillion in U.S. and international mutual fund assets. In addition, we have 175 U.S. –based mutual funds and 144 other funds in non-U.S. markets.

Skills We're Looking For

Financial Services Information Security Investment Management Databases Computer Science Business Design Microsoft Office Suite Information Technology Java JavaScript Project Management Software Development Relationship Management Microsoft Excel SQL Unix Visio System Analysis Architecture Professional Development Forecasting Marketing Methodology Prototyping PC-based software Financial Systems Analysis and Design Performance Tools engineering Human Resources Modeling PowerPoint SAS Policies and Procedures

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