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About Udacity
Udacity's mission is to democratize education. We're an online learning platform offering groundbreaking education in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, virtual reality, and more. Focused on self-empowerment through learning, Udacity is making innovative technologies such as self-driving cars available to a global community of aspiring technologists, while also enabling learners at all levels to skill up with essentials like programming, web and app development.
Udacity is looking for an accomplished Project Manager who will be responsible for planning, execution, and delivery of important content development projects. These projects are integral parts of our Nanodegree products, covering areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile and Web Development, VR, and more. Productions are mixed media and cross-platform, teaching skills and literacy in advanced technical fields that matter in today’s and tomorrow’s job market.
* Plan, execute and deliver complex content development and media production projects * Establish and maintain efficient processes, tools, and communication * Ensure positive and collaborative team behavior * Keep projects on time and in budget * Ensure excellent, proactive communication with all stakeholders across the company * Establish data-driven, agile approach that reacts quickly to feedback from students and employers * Ability to immerse yourself within the project and take a "hands on" approach to completing assignments
Ideal Candidate
**Requirements:** * Excellent project manager who thrives on complexity * People person who knows how to communicate and manage teams of subject matter experts * Process and data-driven leader, always looking to increase quality and efficiency * Creative problem solver **Preferred Requirements:** * 5+ years hands-on experience in project management and/or media production * Savviness with working and collaborating with multiple stakeholders with multiple objectives, and can effortlessly share ownership of projects * Proficiency with a broad range of project management tools and approaches, performance metrics, and analytics * Experience within an established start up


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