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About Starweaver Group, Inc.
We deliver superlative, hands-on and practical corporate and investment banking education that you can use immediately in your job, or that next great job you are looking to start. We focus on making complex subjects readily understandable and usable. If you want to take a great leap forward in your finance career, we are here to make that happen. Our instructors are practitioners who have worked in the field of finance. They relate the subjects covered to real work situations you will encounter
As a Social Media Manager, you will initiate, develop, expand, design, implement, manage and extend social media presence across well-defined social media platforms. Your proven and ongoing ability to drive traffic to our various internet properties and social media sites is vital to your success. You will be measured by quantifiable results using industry standard analytical tools. Ideally, you will earn media attention and deliver performance without large ad spends and focus on long-term grown of our brand.
Your role involves: 1. Defining social media goals and metrics for all our properties 2. Formulating high-quality, clever and novel written and visual content (including involving videos) for all social media campaigns 3. Establishing a clear calendar for social media campaigns 4. Building a social media presence by maintaining a solid online presence 5. Monitoring the company's brand on social media 6. Building brand awareness by engaging relevant influencers 7. Managing our online communities to ensure respectful and appropriate engagement 8. Responding to comments on each of our accounts 9. Overseeing customer service provided via social media 10. Analyzing data to determine whether social media campaigns have achieved their objectives
Ideal Candidate
 A Bachelor's Degree or equivalent preferred  3+ years social media marketing experience  Demonstrable expertise on developing social media strategies and plans  Proven ability to build social media communities  Understanding of graphic design principle.  Experience as a brand manager on social media  Ability to measure the success of campaigns.  Self-motivated personality and ambitions to achieve  Excellent written and verbal communication skills  Outstanding organizational and time-management skills


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