Project Manager

Princeton Information

(Dallas, Texas)
Full Time
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About Princeton Information
Founded in 1985, Princeton Information is one of the nation’s largest privately-held IT consulting firms. Since its inception, Princeton Information has been continuously operated by the same founder and chairman providing the stability upon which our client’s have come to depend. Princeton Information provides Fortune 500 and Mid-Cap companies with a full range of on-, near- and off-shore solutions and staffing services.
- Job duties include managing aspects of an IT project, including developing project schedules, identifying resource needs, coordinating project team activities and assignments, and overseeing delivery of projects on time and within budget. - Creating and maintaining executive reports for review by senior management - Ability to create and maintain detailed Microsoft Project Plan - Ability to implement AGILE methodology and SCRUM process for development and business units - Experience with Client Project and Portfolio Management a plus - Identifies resource requirements, budget, timeline, deliverables and milestones, evaluates risk and courses of action on an ongoing basis and selects the best alternative to attain project goals. - Maintains focus on project schedule tasks, manages risks throughout the project life cycle, and makes contingency plans to manage issues that pose risk to budget, time delivery or functionality. - Determines the requirements for project time reporting and establishes project status reporting process and cycle. - Responsible for performing routine financial analysis activities and preparation of various project cost summaries and reports.
Ideal Candidate
* Ability to perform data analysis * Analytical skills * Ability to operate without a set of specific detailed instructions (i.e. work independently) * Ability to multitask * Demonstrated project management and leadership skills * Demonstrated resourcefulness * Demonstrated ability to learn quickly * Demonstrated time management skills and ability to meet deadlines * Initiative to solve problems and prevent their re-occurrence


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