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About Odyssey
Odyssey is a platform that empowers you to create and engage with content, connect through communities, and amplify your voice to reach the audience your story deserves. Create, Engage, Connect and Learn.
Content strategists manage diverse communities of Creators nationwide. The content strategist skillfully discovers potential trending content, elicits new content ideas, and expands community reach via smart social sharing. Led by a local editor-in-chief (EIC), an Odyssey community produces local and relevant content that starts conversations in the digital space. The content strategist works closely with EICs at each community they manage to edit content (articles and videos), measure performance, and build strong teams of Creators. With successful communities, the content strategist develops best practices surrounding social promotion, engagement, and reach, as well as ideation for content. The content strategist also acts as a mentor for these millennial EICs that seek real-world experience in digital media. The content strategist role is measured by specific KPIs, i.e. cumulative monthly page views, community health metrics, and social engagement across local teams.
* Manage the growth, reach and development of 12 communities, each of which includes one EIC and at least 12 Creators * Develop strategies to build highly efficient, traffic-driving communities that produce content relevant to their local audience and beyond
Ideal Candidate
* Strong communication and organizational skills. * Set ambitious goals for themselves in terms of traffic, community growth, and personal growth * Experience with various social channels to distribute content to a wide variety of audiences in smart ways * Experience working in digital media or other relevant fields * Deep interest in hyper-local content, nationwide * Thrive in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment * Work efficiently within a team and meet deadlines under pressure * Enthusiastic about contributing to our newsroom culture
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We offer a comprehensive benefits package including: health insurance, retirement plan, and Flex Time Off. All benefits are subject to change. Odyssey is an equal opportunity employer.


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