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About Oak Grove Technologies
Oak Grove Technologies is leading the way in tactical training, web-based learning solutions, language, regional expertise and culture, information technology, strategic communications, and intelligence services. Our readiness training has a stellar international reputation for excellence, we team with top universities to advance cultural development programs, and our award-winning elearning solutions and tactical training programs are making life, and work, more manageable.
Oak Grove Technologies, LLC a fast growing federal contractor, is seeking Courseware Developers in support of a proposal for the Criminal Law Committee's Administrative Office. Courseware Developers will assist in developing on-line, web-based/e-learning training modules of the curriculum used by Federal Probation Officer Trainers and Treatment Providers. This curriculum will be used to teach criminal offenders necessary skills for each criminogenic need: cognitions, social networks, education/employment, and alcohol/drug use. Oak Grove Technologies offers a competitive compensation and benefits package.
* Conceptualize, develop, and design high-quality curriculum, including training materials, for each of the identified topic areas, through collaboration with the SME(s), Project Manager, and staff identified by the Government. * Manage multiple projects and deadlines. * Ensure programs adhere to established technical and policy guidelines. * Maintain quality control of all aspects of projection process. * Create original work using industry standard software applications, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and/or other off-the-shelf software in order for government comments/edits. * Provide editorial support to include, but not limited to, documents, training materials, curriculum, and on-line materials. * Provide technical support for all aspects of the project, and development and completion of the curriculum documents (to include, but not limited to, instructional pages at the outset of each curriculum, a facilitator’s manual, visual aids, student handouts, on-line materials, course exercises, and practical applications). * Ensure consistency in the formatting of the manuals created for each curriculum. * Build an instructor manual and PowerPoint presentation for the Training of the Trainers (TOT) component of the curricula. * Develop an on-line, web-based/e-learning training module for Treatment Providers to access to complete training on each topic set of curriculum, as well as a certification examination with an automated grading system. * Develop an on-line, web-based/e-learning training module for Trainers or other federal probation employees to access to complete training on each topic set of curriculum, which shall include a certification examination with an automated grading system. * Assist the SMEs and/or SME Assistants with the TOT training.
Ideal Candidate
* Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree * Minimum of five years of experience with demonstrated proficiency in publication-quality documentation and proficiency in building web-based curriculum * Experience with designing course curriculum for community supervision and correctional strategies * Extensive technical support history in designing training curricula in the field of corrections that meets nationally recognized Continuing Education Unit (CEU) or Continuing Professional Education (CPE) standards * Excellent interpersonal skills


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