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About Mintel
The world's leading market intelligence agency.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business.Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand literally in fact: when the company was founded in 1972 it took its name from an amalgamation of the two words.
The focus of this position will be to provide business and facility services to Mintel’s US operations while proactively providing administrative support in various capacities and helping to achieve the overall business goals.
* Answer incoming calls with courtesy and professionalism and accurately and professionally forward calls to appropriate person and provide callers with appropriate information * Coordinate registering guests with building security and maintain an accurate registration document * Set up new hire security badge activation with employee, building security manager, and IT Support; requested deactivations for separated employees * Consistently provide a warm welcome to visitors and promptly notify the appropriate internal contact in a friendly and professional manner * Help facilitate month-end lunches and office treats with setup, announcements, clean-up * Maintain reception area and mail room to ensure a good first impression to visitors * Receive, sort and forward incoming US and express mail to ensure that items are distributed to the correct mailbox every day and recipients are notified * Continually monitor the cleanliness and organization of kitchen/break rooms, mail room and conference rooms and clean the refrigerators monthly * Daily stocking of the break areas (coffee, tea, creamer, etc.) and printer stations (paper and supplies) * Serve as a consistent and positive primary point of contact for day to day facility related issues such as restrooms, HVAC, spot cleanings, and repairs to ensure employees are working in a comfortable and clean environment * Place catering orders for in-office events and meetings, month end lunch, monthly birthday recognition, training and other special events * Occasional administrative support including data entry to management team as well as other departments
Ideal Candidate
* Bachelor’s degree preferred * 1-2 years of professional experience * Professional and courteous demeanour * Personality that is positive, fun, energetic and a can-do attitude * Superior verbal and written communication skills * Familiarity with Google Mail is highly preferred * Proficiency in MS Office * Strong organizational, analytical and planning skills


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