Data Entry Specialist


(Chicago, Illinois)
Full Time
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About Mintel
The world's leading market intelligence agency.Our expert analysis of the highest quality data and market research will help you grow your business.Market intelligence is what sets us apart and what defines us as a brand literally in fact: when the company was founded in 1972 it took its name from an amalgamation of the two words.
Mintel seeks a Data Entry Specialist to join the Mintel Menu Insights team, responsible for updating menus that are collected from restaurants on a quarterly basis.
* Work effectively and efficiently toward completion of daily and quarterly editing goals and priorities. * Respond to production needs by consistently meeting targets and ensuring deadlines are met. * Accurately translate menu items into data based on existing rules and processing methodology * Adapt to changes in the data entry system and work environment.
Ideal Candidate
* Excellent verbal and written communication skills * Strong attention to detail * Demonstrated ability to work independently, establish priorities and apply sound judgment in decision-making efforts * Strong grammar, proofreading and typing skills * High level of critical thinking * Exceptional organizational skills * Proficient in Word and Excel * Some knowledge food or food service industry preferred


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