Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International

Hospitality / Hotel / Resort Orlando, Florida Private Corporation

Our Company

Some companies have a history that stays firmly in the past. We're fortunate to have a legacy that permeates our present like a classic song, not with nostalgia, but as the reminder of a timeless foundation and simple beginnings. When you consider we have hundreds of unique locations, which include restaurants, hotels, casinos and live music venues, around the world, it’s hard to believe that it all started so innocently: the search for a good burger. Read on to discover when we invaded Old Park Lane, who was the first to put their guitar on our walls, how we came by our famous t-shirts, and to get an idea of where we're heading in the future...

Skills We're Looking For

Sales Business Acumen Microsoft Excel Marketing CRM Music Social Media Platforms Artistic Sense Management Microsoft Word Outlook Technical Skill Adobe Accounts Payable Construction Lawson Facilities Management Inventory Management Merchandising Product Development Retail Operations Partnering Skills Staffing Operations Management