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(San Francisco, California)
Full Time
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About DoubleDutch
DoubleDutch believes in the power of digitizing live engagement to supercharge business outcomes. The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform powers events, conferences, and trade shows for more than 1,700 customers including Forbes, Humana, LinkedIn, Novartis, Nationwide, SAP, UBM and Urban Land Institute.
We’re looking for someone who sees markets, not products. Who sees the whole system, not only the single product or features. But, more importantly, we are a group of people bound together to do something special. Together. You’ve got to play more for the team than for you. Your success will be seeing the team deliver to your customers.
You’ve been a product manager growing a product. You know how to set priorities. How to value the wide range of feature ideas that come in from all corners. You learned how to integrate with other products from your company as well as other third parties in your industry. You’ve got perspective and stories to tell.
Ideal Candidate
If you’ve been in the middle of managing a consumer-facing, mobile product for the last 5 years, you know the requirements. * Defining your market * Thinking about the full end-to-end system * Writing specs that fully describe what you are after * Scheduling feature releases * Tracking and studying usage * Testing * Babysitting the first customers * Then following success wherever you see it go


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