Axiom Exergy
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering Richmond, California Private Corporation

Our Company

Axiom Exergy is an energy storage company focused on making the world's energy systems smarter and more efficient. Its team has deep expertise in supermarket energy management, thermal energy systems engineering, hardware development and energy services. Axiom Exergy provides its customers -- supermarkets and commercial buildings with high refrigeration-based energy loads -- with turnkey energy management solutions that reduce operational costs and business risk. Axiom Exergy tackles supermarkets'? biggest energy problem: 24x7 refrigeration run time The Refrigeration Battery® solves a major problem that businesses with high refrigeration loads have been unable to address until now: the inability to strategically manage inflexible refrigeration systems that consume more than 55 percent of the energy in a typical supermarket -- and must be kept running during afternoon peak hours when electricity prices skyrocket. Rather than storing electricity, the Refrigeration Battery "stores refrigeration"? for later use, enabling these facilities to transform their refrigeration systems into large-scale, cloud-connected, intelligent, energy-storage resources. It is a non-invasive, "plug-and-play"? retrofit that does not require modification to existing refrigeration systems. Further, customers can save money from day one by taking advantage of Axiom Exergy's flexible, shared savings program and avoid lengthy capital expenditure reviews.

Skills We're Looking For

Computer Science AutoCAD Refrigeration engineering Java Product Development Python Computer Engineering Energy Engineering Energy Storage Contracting Hydraulics Piping Technical Project Management Linux Software Development Ruby on Rails Documentation Engineering Design Mechanical Engineering Fabrication Engineering JavaScript Web Development Embedded Systems Oscilloscopes Ladder Logic Embedded Software Programming Project Management Project Management Methodologies Quality Control Project Management Professional SDLC Certified Public Manager Waterfall