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About Amtrak
Amtrak connect businesses and communities across the country and move America’s workforce toward the future. We employ more than 20,000 diverse, energetic professionals in a variety of career fields throughout the United States.
Provide professional architectural / engineering services, project management oversight and inter-department coordination for Amtrak station projects and other design projects on the Northeast Corridor and in Amtrak’s National Inter-City system, ensuring the assigned projects are designed in compliance with Amtrak guidelines, ADA guidelines, and federal/state/regional regulatory agencies requirements.
* Provide assistance to manage, procure, administer, and oversee large stations design projects using design consulting firms * Special emphasis on interdepartmental coordination towards ADA and Public Information Display System implementation pursuant to Amtrak’s compliance with ADA requirements * Collaborate among internal and external partners for station projects across the Amtrak system representing Engineering Structures, Stations Program. * Develop station design standards * Perform design and/or engineering tasks on station design projects under $100,000 with oversight by in-house Amtrak registered design professional * Administer the design of major station initiatives system-wide, working with internal and external stakeholders, and with federal and local officials to progress Amtrak corridor initiatives * Professional design review of external and third-party station design projects that impact or have the potential to impact Amtrak assets
Ideal Candidate
**Work Experience:** * Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture or related field * Demonstrated experience in design and construction industry * Engineer in Training, or studying for certification exam in discipline * Demonstrated experience in project and program management * Demonstrated strategic planning experience * Demonstrated managerial experience with 3rd party architectural and engineering consultants * Extensive understanding of ADA regulations and ICC Building Codes * Demonstrated knowledge in Autocad, Microstation, MS Word, Excel, Power Point, MS Project, Primavera, Expedition Project Control System **Preferred Work Experience:** * Familiarity with railroad operations, procedures and construction methods * Experience with large scale architecturally and historically sensitive facilities * Demonstrated knowledge of Amtrak corporate structures and procedures **Preferred Education:** Master’s Degree in Engineering or Architecture **Communication and Interpersonal Skills:** Must have excellent oral and written communication skills


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