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About 24 Seven
We are a different kind of recruiting firm because we didn’t set out to be headhunters. When we launched in 2000, we were a group of professionals from creative industries who loved to connect talented people we knew with creatively driven companies looking for talent.
24Seven is looking for a talented & passionate Copywriter for one of our clients here in Atlanta!
* Writing content for client's blog postings, social media, Linkedin, content for clients, internal communications * Topics will be provided but team would love someone to be able to suggest relevant topics as well within technology * Will need to be able to edit/proofread copy & communication * Able to research and analyze any suggested topics
Ideal Candidate
* Having a knowledge of technology or a tech background * Having a firm understanding of the client and their offerings; but be familiar with clients's site and background in interview process * Having PR knowledge is a bonus * Someone who is flexible, instinctive, high energy to match the team collaboration * Able to work technology like Google Hangouts for weekly online virtual meetings with marketing team * Conceptual, not afraid to bring fresh technology perspective to the team * Wide range because the client understands someone more senior vs. someone junior/few years experience will bring different things to the job


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