NCEO Releases List of Top 100 Employee Owned Companies

NCEO Releases List of Top 100 Employee Owned Companies

By: Daniel Steingold | September 12, 2016

The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) recently released its list of the top 100 employee-owned companies, based upon the number of employees that each company has in their workforce.

To make the list, a company must have at least half of its workforce own more than 50 percent of the company’s stock.

Here are some notable highlights from the list:

  • The 100 companies on the NCEO’s list employ over 650,000 people in total.
  • Nine of the top 100 companies are supermarkets. There include: Publix (number one on the list), Houchens Industries (number five), WinCo (number seven), Brookshire Brothers (number 16), Harps (number 30), Homeland (number 38), Reasor’s (number 44), RPCS (number 53), and Reisbeck’s Food Markets (number 96).
  • Together, these supermarkets employ over 237,000 people, which represents well over a third of the list’s total.
  • Publix is by far the biggest employer on the list with 182,500 employees. Lifetouch comes in second place with 21,000 employees.
  • Six companies in the top ten are entirely employee-owned.These include Lifetouch, Penmac, Houchens Industries, Amsted Industries, Alliance Holdings, and Parsons.
  • Even number 100 on the list, shared by Garney Holding Company and Swinerton Builders, employs 1,100 individuals.

The full list from the NCEO can be found here.

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