Columbia Sportswear Hiring Two Explorers to Travel World

Columbia Sportswear Hiring Two Explorers to Travel World

By: Daniel Steingold | September 12, 2016

Columbia Sportswear is offering two lucky individuals the ability to hold a special title while working at their company: “Director of Toughness.”

To explain the job description behind this mysterious title, Columbia is looking for fearless explorers to test out its sports gear in extreme conditions. The gig is expected to last for nine months, paying $39,000, along with benefits.

Whoever ends up getting the job will also be expected to share pictures and video on social media, including YouTube and Instagram.

When asked about who would be the perfect candidate, Scott Trepanier, Columbia Sportwear’s Director of PR and Communications said, “They are real people, who love the outdoors and aspire for an adventure of a lifetime.”

Although it won’t be the main factor impacting the hiring decision, having a strong following on social media “will benefit candidates… since we want their stories to be heard.”

Columbia is based in the state of Oregon, but it is unlikely that either of its new Directors of Toughness will work there. Previous employees in the role have traveled as far as Ecuador, Uganda, and Chile, albeit only for six months at a time, instead of nine.

As part of a bigger overall trend, celebrities and social media influencers have increasingly been able to monetize their popularity. Netflix and MTV, for starters, have offered similar employment opportunities.

It’s also clear that the number of people looking to make a career out of social media has dramatically increased: just since 2014, the number of Instagram users with over 5,000 followers has grown by 400 percent.

Columbia has embraced social media as part of their marketing strategy, calling it “the perfect platform to engage and involve customers in this process.”

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