Sasha Obama Picks Up Job at Fast Food Restaurant

Sasha Obama Picks Up Job at Fast Food Restaurant

By: Daniel Steingold | August 06, 2016

Sasha Obama, the daughter of President Barack Obama, has picked up a job at a fast food restaurant.

Sasha, who has used her full name “Natasha” on the job, is working at a popular seafood joint called Nancy’s Restaurant in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The Obama family has been known to frequent Nancy’s when the family takes summer vacations.

Sasha is the Obama family’s youngest daughter. At Martha’s, she has caught the eye of many as she has been accompanied by six Secret Service agents when coming to and leaving work.

It should be mentioned that Sasha only intends to work at Nancy’s Restaurant during the summer. While the White House has declined to comment on Sasha’s employment, her mother, First Lady Michelle Obama, has said in past interviews that she intends to raise her two daughters as normally as possible.

Sasha is said to have a number of responsibilities at Nancy’s Restaurant, including working at the takeaway counter, waiting tables, and helping clean and prepare the restaurant.

The Secret Service agents have been found waiting sitting in a car or nearby benches as Sasha works.

Sasha joins a number of other children of famous people in working during the summer. Her older sister, Malia, has found herself working on film sets, while Brooklyn Beckham, the daughter of David and Victoria Beckham, has likewise found work in the film industry.

Many of Sasha’s coworkers didn’t realize who she was until they saw the Secret Service accompanying her.

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