Whataburger Employee Fired for Fighting in Parking Lot

Whataburger Employee Fired for Fighting in Parking Lot

By: Daniel Steingold | August 04, 2016

A Whataburger employee in Tyler, Texas has been fired after she was involved in an altercation in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot, which was filmed.

The employee, in her full work uniform, is shown punching a man, ripping off his shirt, and dragging him to the ground.

The incident occurred in the late hours of last Friday, July 29, and the captured footage is a tad over two minutes in length.

After the customer and employee separated, they picked up their loose items and appeared to be walking away without any further conflict.

Suddenly, however, as the employee was attempting to re-enter the store, the customer confronted her again, and the employee would end up kicking and striking him again.

One individual who captured the incident was a woman who was nearby in her car. She would later post the fight to Twitter.

Another woman would post footage of the same incident from a different angle. Her perspective showed that there were several onlookers and witnesses. At the end of the video, she and those accompanying appear to call the police.

The Tyler Police Department went on record to say, however, that no officers were called to the Whataburger in question that night in regards to a dispute.

It is unclear what caused the dispute, and why it escalated as it did.

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