Woman with Down Syndrome Commemorated for 30+ Years at McD's

Woman with Down Syndrome Commemorated for 30+ Years at McD's

By: Daniel Steingold | August 29, 2016

A woman with Down syndrome who has worked at the same McDonald’s restaurant in Massachusetts for over 30 years will be retiring very soon.

Freia David, who worked as a fryer in Needham, Massachusetts, lives in a facility supported by the Charles River Center, a non-profit that provides employment, job training, and housing for nearly 1,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities.

McDonald’s was one of the first work placement partners for the non-profit. The Charles River Center released a photo of David at work in the 1980s on Friday, alongside a present day picture of her with a childhood friend at her location.

A retirement party will be held for David on Monday, August 29, from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

A large sign has been under the standard McDonald’s sign at the location, making customers aware of the event. It says:

“Come Celebrate Freia David’s Retirement After 32 Years August 29th 10am- 1:00 pm. Enjoy a free small French Fry in her honor.”

One local customer of the Needham McDonald’s said on Facebook, “She is one of the most beautiful and upbeat people you could ever hope to know and I know.”

Others had similar praise for their experiences with David.

There are said to be about 400,000 individuals living with Down syndrome in the U.S.

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