Trump and Other Businessmen Heavily Hire Foreign Workers

Trump and Other Businessmen Heavily Hire Foreign Workers

By: Daniel Steingold | August 29, 2016

Donald Trump has recently been found to have discriminated against certain groups when hiring for some of his resort properties.

CNN reports that Trump has discriminated “against women, older workers, people with disabilities, and more broadly, people who don’t have the ‘look’ they want.”

More specifically, “Trump seems to like his overseas workers to be young and attractive, and with strong specific accents from Romania and South Africa.”

A former executive chef at Mar-a-Lago, a Trump-owned resort in Florida, said, “They cherry-picked some pretty people.”

Although a company can not legally hire an employee on the basis of being “pretty” over someone just as qualified, a U.S. business can use a recruiter to hire guest workers and avoid the consequences of an anti-discrimination suit.

Foreign workers find themselves unable to file a suit against an American company unless they were hired by a U.S. firm, which creates a Catch-22. If a foreign worker is not hired, they are thought to not be “qualified” for the job in the eyes of the legal system, nullifying any potential legal action.

Discrimination is rampant in hiring, but it is often ignored, largely because businesses create the narrative that they are completely following the law, while doing what’s best for their company.

Columnist Dan Werner argues that it’s our H2-B visa program that is flawed, as it allows businesses to hire foreign labor, solely on the basis of saving money.

Many politicians and interests on all sides of the political spectrum support the expansion of foreign labor, which could lead to “the future of low wage work in America.”

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