Former British Politician Says Brexit Should Mean More Jobs

Former British Politician Says Brexit Should Mean More Jobs

By: Daniel Steingold | August 28, 2016

A former high-ranking politician in England has gone on record to say that Brexit— the British exit from the European Union— needs to justify itself by guaranteeing jobs for British workers.

Iain Duncan Smith, who previously served as work and pensions secretary for the Tory party, proposed that the British government use an existing database to prevent low-skilled foreign workers from taking jobs in the UK.

Duncan Smith told The Sunday Telegraph that he believed that the government hadn’t done enough to train and support workers in low-skilled professions, which has caused them to be “left behind.”

From his viewpoint, this has allowed migrants from Eastern Europe to replace British workers, which caused the tensions that helped lead to Brexit. He called on the government to release a permit program for foreign workers.

He explained that “the question should always be asked, are there people in the UK who can do this job?”

He suggested that quotas be set up for the number of foreigners let into the UK, based upon the need for certain skills.

Duncan Smith acknowledged that some companies will still try— and succeed— in hiring from abroad for cheaper, but it should be highly discouraged.

He specifically highlighted the epidemic of Polish workers coming to the UK for short periods, and sending money home while living in poor housing.

He also supports new Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to cut migration to the tens of thousands.

Duncan Smith, who resigned from his Cabinet position earlier this year, also did not rule out a return to government, saying, “If there ever was a time to be in government since the war this is it right now.”

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