Florida Elementary School Teacher Writes About Why She Quit

Florida Elementary School Teacher Writes About Why She Quit

By: Daniel Steingold | August 13, 2016

A Florida elementary school teacher who is leaving her job after a decade has been in the news for a letter she wrote about her decision.

Megan Webb, a 32-year-old, wrote in a letter published by the Palm Beach Post this past Tuesday, that she decided to leave because of financial woes she has run into.

“I am being forced to make a decision between the absolute love of teaching and living up to my potential to support myself,” she wrote. “I simply cannot support myself comfortably with my current income,” she explains, also adding that she has lived with her parents since graduating from college.

Webb says that when she started teaching for the Palm Beach County School District, she made $33,830 a year. Now, ten years later, she only makes $43,239 annually.

After taxes, union dues, and deductions for her retirement, she claims to only take home $27,800 a year.

Webb explains that after accounting for the basic cost of an apartment, car expenses, and utilities, she would only have $200 a month for other bills, including food, gas, and cell phone service.

Webb plans to take a yearlong break to find a new career. Her piece has attracted a wide variety of commentary from different people. Some have said that her claims are overstated, while others have seemed more sympathetic.

Despite some feeling bad for her, Webb has claimed that she is “not looking for sympathy. I just want to draw attention to a situation that’s hurting our teachers and ultimately hurting our children.”

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